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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time Flew By (7/10/09)

This week passed by really fast. In fact, I'm having trouble remembering all that happened. It wasn't exactly a semana of poder, but we were able to get a sufficient amount of work done. Staff got pretty hectic with the new missionaries arriving from the Cuiabá Mission and it is also getting a little crazy since our own transfers are coming up next week. It looks like Elder Noorda will be leaving and there will be a new Supplements Secretary.

Our area is going alright with investigators, but to be honest, it's a little slow. Then again, there's always that calm before the storm. At least, I'm hoping that is the case. There are a few plans we have in process that should help us make great progress. The fact that we have been doing divisions a few times a week is certainly expanding our teaching pool.

Although I've been in all my other areas for 3 transfers and only 2 here in Flores, I feel a lot closer to the ward and its members. I guess a lot of that might have to do with the size of the ward. When church started on Sunday, there were only 36 people in the chapel. I was completely surprised they started with so few present, but the show went on.

So, as we made our routine trip to mail packages, I noticed a familiar sight on the television mounted to the wall. I couldn't help but look as I saw the Staples Center being filled with people for the Michael Jackson Memorial. I think it was on every channel and it is all that has been talked about in Manaus.

Just so nobody stresses out, I'll be here in Flores for at least 2 more transfers (that's 12 weeks and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it turned into 18 weeks). The position of Financial Secretary has been great so far. It has brought a lot of new opportunities and experience, which will be beneficial in the future if I choose not to pursue a career in medicine. Prior to serving in the Mission Office, I thought all the money stuff was done automatically...well, I was wrong. I never realized how much work, and sometimes trouble, one went through just to have money fall into my account.

In about 6 weeks, the first transfers will occur in which missionaries will be transferred outside of the original Manaus Mission boundaries. It will be interesting to see who comes and goes. Unfortunately, these new areas are a long plane ride away, so I won't be able to visit them unless I am transferred to one of them later in my mission.

Elder Olsen recently sent me baptism pictures of João Bosco Fereira Pinto and Maria Do Rosario de Souza Pinto and Elizeu's family (Marcilene Azevedo Silva, Riandra Silva Barbosa, Raian Silva Barbosa, and Renan Lucas Silva Barbosa) that occurred after I left Jardim Botânico. I marked their baptism dates but was transferred before they were actually baptized. These baptisms mean a great deal to me personally. Although I wish I could have attended, I'm grateful to at least have these pictures.

Before I forget, there's another ward race on Saturday. Many more people will be participating this time around. Let's hope I still have the speed. I'll share the details of the race next week. Given that there will be a few changes this next week, there should be quite a bit more for me to write about in my next letter.

Elder Taylor Mackay

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